About BPW

Business and Professional Women UK (known simply as BPW UK) is a women's organisation founded in 1938 which has a strong record of advocacy in employment, finance, education, health and human and legal rights.

It campaigned and lobbied for the Equal Pay Act of 1970 and the Sex Discrimination Act of 1975. Today we continue to work towards equal pay and women’s economic sustainability.

Current initiatives include Equal Pay, Women on Boards, Gender Friendly Employers, Women in Public Life, STEM, education and more.

Our aims, in brief, are to:

So why join us?

We offer real friendship and support, with decades of experience and knowledge amongst our members.  You will find a wealth of new and exciting business contacts worldwide, and by networking together and with others, all women can realise their full potential in the workplace, in their community, and at governmental and international levels. Our influence extends across Europe and beyond through our affiliation to BPW Europe, and BPW International.

With some 23,000 Members worldwide across 100 countries on five continents, BPW International is a great way to grow your business and your career. Around 17,000 of these Members are in BPW Europe.

Whether you’re in the corporate world, the public sector, an entrepreneur or if you are just starting out, we’ll help you make your career far more than just your job and with our section for younger women (Young BPW UK) members enjoy opportunities to network, travel and learn from each other, share experiences and knowledge, and network worldwide, but also can obtain the same help from the more experienced members. There is room for all!

We’re also here to have fun, of course!

So are you ready to help make a positive difference? Then Join Us!