Working Groups

Things happen better and faster, when a dedicated and enthusiastic team work on it. Because we have so many things going on, we've set up a number of Working Groups, each of which reports to one of the Officers on the FEC, to work on strategy or deliverables for their topic.

We have a number of Interest Groups and Task Forces run by members as needed to achieve our aims and to progress our projects ….. you might like to join one of these!

The various groups details are listed below – there’s something here for (almost) everyone, so don’t be shy – like every Working Group in history, ours too will be delighted to welcome more enthusiasts to help!

Click on a group below to find out more about the work they do…

Working Groups

We specifically focus on media outreach, communication, and marketing efforts to promote the goals, activities, and initiatives of BPW UK.

The primary objectives and activities of the Media & Marketing Working Group may include:

  • Branding and Messaging: Developing and maintaining a consistent and impactful brand identity for BPW UK. This involves creating compelling messaging, designing logos and visual assets, and ensuring that the organisation’s communication materials align with its mission and values.
  • Media Relations: Establishing relationships with media outlets and journalists to increase BPW UK’s visibility and coverage. This may involve issuing press releases, pitching stories, and organising media events to raise awareness of BPW UK’s initiatives and events.
  • Social Media and Online Presence: Managing BPW UK’s social media channels, website, and online platforms to engage with members and the public. This includes creating and curating content, responding to inquiries, and utilising digital platforms for effective communication and promotion.
  • Marketing Campaigns: Developing and implementing marketing campaigns to promote BPW UK’s events, initiatives, and membership opportunities. This may involve creating promotional materials and coordinating advertising efforts.
  • Event Promotion: Assisting in the promotion and communication of BPW UK’s events, conferences, workshops, and networking opportunities. This includes developing event marketing campaigns, creating event materials, and utilising various channels to generate interest and encourage participation.


The Media & Marketing Working Group plays a crucial role in amplifying BPW UK’s message, increasing its visibility, and attracting a broader audience. By effectively leveraging media relations, online platforms, and marketing strategies, the group aims to enhance BPW UK’s presence and engage with members and the wider community.

The International Working Group consists of members who are interested in maintaining and furthering BPW UK’s participation within BPW Europe and BPW International.

The aims of the group are:

  • to develop strategies to ensure BPW UK plays an active role within BPW Europe and BPW International;
  • to keep members up to date with news from BPW Europe and BPW International.


The Working Group meets quarterly by Zoom to discuss relevant matters. The joint International Vice Presidents, Ruth Galwey and Jacqui McLoughlin chair the meetings and provide progress reports to the FEC.

Our activities include:

  • relaying public communications from BPW Europe and BPW International to members,
  • considering requests to BPW Europe and BPW International for input; and
  • encouraging and supporting members to take up opportunities via BPW Europe/International, including attending meetings of Working Groups, Commission on the Status of Women, UN Agencies, NGOs and reporting back to International Working Group and Federation Executive Committee.


Through this Working Group, BPW UK has developed a strong link with BPW Europe and BPW International, with several members of the group actively attending BPW Europe meetings and events such as the BPW Europe Conference and Presidents meetings, events in other European countries, meeting with some of the BPW International Board members and attending international meetings.

We welcome any new members who wish to join our group. If you are interested, please let Ann Wiseall at HQ know and we will make sure to share the details of our next meeting with you.

Steers our Advocacy and Lobbying focus and maintains our Mandate to further our aims. Find out more.

Young BPW members within the UK are able to meet and define their local projects and interests contributing nationally and internationally to arranging events and promotion for YBPW.

Young BPW is open to all women of 35 and under.

Interest Groups

Committed to everyone pledging to do their part and make changes in support of a cleaner and greener planet,  this group meets regularly by zoom and in person.

For the BPW UK monthly talks, inspirational  speakers have included the owner of   zero waste shops, the work of the Derbyshire Wildlife Trust, including regreening projects, and Sustrans, the cycling organisation. This year we are liaising with farmers and businesses in rural areas, and large food companies.

We are also active members of the BPW Europe Green and Sustainable Group and subscribe to the United Nations  Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs). World Earth Day is an annual event which takes place on 22 April and we are already planning for 2024.

Do join us and add your energy and ideas on what you feel passionate about.

Focusing on those issues that impact women specifically and more generally.

Encouraging our involvement in a modern and advancing world by promoting women’s roles and education in science, technology, engineering & mathematics.

Actively lobbying through our Advocacy Working Group, listed above. Find out more.

Task Forces

Focussed on the development of young people giving them the opportunity to take part in Public Speaking Events. Supported by our members worldwide and is now an International Project for development. Find out more.

How we work and are structured to best meet modern women’s needs.

This group works  to ensure that our great annual event, stays great! View details on our News & Events page.